TV’s Messy Future

Good short piece in the NYT this morning titled: "TV's Future Is Here. It's Messy. It highlights well the simple fact that cord-cutting is not about declining demand for the bundle itself, but rather the technology of the bundle. Flipping thru 300 channels is terribly obnoxious when juxtaposed to the app-based format of an Apple … Continue reading TV’s Messy Future


Walt Disney: “Disney Media SpinCo”

Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) Events: "Disney Media SpinCo" August 11, 2017 SUMMARY INFO Recent PPS: $103 FD Shares Out: 1,572 million Market Cap: $161,619 Net Debt: $17,851 Enterprise: $179,767 DISCUSSION This is a super short, choppy post; and I will have more expansive thoughts on DIS specifically and Media generally in the coming weeks. But … Continue reading Walt Disney: “Disney Media SpinCo”

Market Analysis: 2014 Market Analog (?)

50dma breadth is a useful tool for gauging short-term market bottoms. At present, 44% of SPX stocks are above their 50dma, which is just above the YTD lows of around 40%. If the market wants to hold 40% level, then the selling is almost finished. But given the poor seasonality and deteriorating longer-term breadth (i.e. … Continue reading Market Analysis: 2014 Market Analog (?)