Key Documents


Capex/opex challenges for NFV and SDN – NFV/SDN Reality Check Episode 27

FCC Fixed Wireless ATT Review

PragCap Three Bullish Charts 7.29.2015


The Duration Connection GMO 2Q16

Druckenmiller End Game May 2016

Graham & Dodd Winter 2016

Pershing Square 2015 Annual Letter

Kelcy Warren Profile May 2015

PSH 3Q15 Investor Letter

Glenview Letter 10.26.15

BN Jorge Paulo Profile 9.18.2015

Druckenmiller Speech 1.18.2015

David Tepper 9/10 CNBC Interview

The Dangerous Long Bias and the End of the Supercycle

Ackman: Baby Buffett

Glenview 4Q14 Letter

Bridgewater Daily Observation 3.11.2015

XOM 2015 Outlook to 2040


GMO 4Q15 Letter


John Malone Scale & Media Interview November 2015

Charter Interview April 2013

Oral & Video Collection Interview 2013

Mavericks Lecture 2012


BPL Letters

A 31-Year Old Buffett Discusses the Stock Market

The man who taught Warren Buffett how to manage a company

Buffett CNBC Interview October 2014

Charlie Munger Fireside Chat October 2014


AMZN Shareholder Letters 1997-2015


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