TEVA Pharmaceuticals: Brett Saunders Interview

Teva Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: TEVA) Special Situations: Brent Saunders Interview August 8, 2017 DISCUSSION In an interview with Jim Cramer last night, Allergan (NYSE: AGN) CEO Brent Saunders had the following to say with regard to AGN's 10% stake in TEVA:  "...we're responsible stewards. We will sell the stock over the next few quarters in a … Continue reading TEVA Pharmaceuticals: Brett Saunders Interview


Teva Pharmaceuticals: Dumpster Fire Trading

Teva Pharmaceuticals Specials Situations: Dumpster Fire Trading August 7, 2017 DISCUSSION & ANALYSIS Apparently I cannot find a dumpster fire too hot to touch. Ugh. But TEVA is down over 40% in five days on absolutely enormous volume - something like 20% of outstanding shares - the debt has held above its 2017 YTD lows, … Continue reading Teva Pharmaceuticals: Dumpster Fire Trading