Generals: Amazon Sentiment 

I last wrote about AMZN last September, conducting a high level valuation analysis based on a series of valuation inputs obtained from a Twitter poll. I was unnecessarily cautious on the stock, but fortunately concluded that it is never one to short given the powerful secular tailwind(s) at its back.  Sales estimates continue to be … Continue reading Generals: Amazon Sentiment 


Generals: High-Level Valuation Analysis Generals: High-Level Valuation Analysis September 23, 2016 SUMMARY INFO NASDAQ: AMZN Recent PPS: $804.70 Shares Out: 490 million Market Cap: $394,303 Net Liabilities: $5,579 Enterprise: $399,882 DISCUSSION Amazon is an unbelievable business case study; and I would put the compilation of Bezos' annual letters up there with Warren Buffett's as 110% required reading for … Continue reading Generals: High-Level Valuation Analysis