Under Armour: Undervalued Long-Term Brand Value

Under Armour (NYSE: UA) Generals: Undervalued Long-Term Brand Value August 1, 2017 DISCUSSION After eyeing UA for now months (I wrote it up back in December), I believe the time has come to begin averaging into the stock (I initiated a modest position into the opening plunge this morning) based purely on the long-term brand … Continue reading Under Armour: Undervalued Long-Term Brand Value


Generals: Under Armour Quick Valuation Overview

Under Armour Generals: Quick Valuation Overview December 4, 2016 SUMMARY INFO NYSE: UA (formerly UA.C) Recent PPS: $24.77 Shares Out: 442.16 Market Cap: $10,952 Debt: $1,074 Enterprise: $12,026 DISCUSSION I am at the very early stages of my due diligence on Under Armour, but wanted to quickly put some early thoughts down on 'paper'. In … Continue reading Generals: Under Armour Quick Valuation Overview

Generals: QVC Group Idea Write-Up

QVC Group  Generals: Idea Write-Up  October 7, 2016 DISCLAIMER The views and information I provide are for informational purposes only; are not meant as investment advice; are subject to change without notice of any kind; do not constitute an offer of products or services with regard to any fund, investment scheme, or pooled investment; nor … Continue reading Generals: QVC Group Idea Write-Up

Generals: Amazon.com High-Level Valuation Analysis

Amazon.com Generals: High-Level Valuation Analysis September 23, 2016 SUMMARY INFO NASDAQ: AMZN Recent PPS: $804.70 Shares Out: 490 million Market Cap: $394,303 Net Liabilities: $5,579 Enterprise: $399,882 DISCUSSION Amazon is an unbelievable business case study; and I would put the compilation of Bezos' annual letters up there with Warren Buffett's as 110% required reading for … Continue reading Generals: Amazon.com High-Level Valuation Analysis