Market Analysis: Bad Breadth

DISCUSSION  The latest Cracked Market blog post highlights well the current buy-the-dip attitude of index-focused market participants.  Frankly, it's quite strange. A mere cursory look at underlying demand measures such as a basic 200dma breadth chart reveals an equity market that is carving out a textbook "negative divergence".  Whatever. The market will do what it … Continue reading Market Analysis: Bad Breadth


Market Analysis: Ritholtz/”Down Town”/”Common Sense” Strike Again

Per usual, with the market up for more than 60 seconds the "Ritholtz/"Down Town"/"Common Sense" buy-the-dippers are out in force declaring those who care about valuation and that increasingly esoteric "margin of safety" concept out of touch. The "Common Sense" leg of the less-than-$600 million AUM trifecta that makes up Ritholtz Wealth Management, on August … Continue reading Market Analysis: Ritholtz/”Down Town”/”Common Sense” Strike Again

17 Mile 2.0 Strategy Note 6

17 Mile 2.0 Strategy Note 6 August 18, 2017 PORTFOLIO ACTIVITY Since August 3, positions in VIAB, TEVA, TRVG and EGN were initiated (VIAB was a re-initiation); the SNI position was closed; and the SPY short position maxed out. As of today's activity, the portfolio looks as follows: Longs: 100% SPY Hedge: 100% DISCUSSION With … Continue reading 17 Mile 2.0 Strategy Note 6