Trump/Russia: An Additional Character (And a Private Meeting)

The NYT is out with more front-page-above-the-fold Trump/Russia detail this morning.

Following Trump’s public 2+ hour meeting with Putin – that was originally slated for 30 minutes – Trump sought out Putin at a private dinner for G20 leaders for an hour-long chat. Of course, only Trump, Putin and a Russian interpreter were present. But that is peanuts…

Referenced above the fold on the front page, but written on A18, the latest June 2016 Young Don “I Love It” meeting guest was revealed to be Irakly Kaveladze, a Russian money launderer (let’s call him “The Launderer”) that works for Aras Agalarov’s (i.e. the “Donald Trump of Russia”) firm, the “Crocus Group”. The most damning detail about The Launderer, however, is not his mere presence at the meeting. Rather, it is his lawyer, Scott S. Balber (who responded to the NYT’s request for comment).

According to the NYT (my emphasis/notes in bold):

“Mr. Balber, the lawyer, represents not only Mr. Kaveladze (i.e. “The Launderer”) but also the Agalarov family. Court records show he has also represented President Trump in two cases.”

Can’t make it up.


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